The Internet of Things

No matter how we call it, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Internet of Everything (IoE) or else... the digital transformation is inescapable.

Smart devices are introduced everyday; with features we would only see in science fiction movies a decade ago. Thousands of enthusiastic entrepreneurs all around the world are building solutions around the clock, in the hope to break through with their smart devices that would change the world and make our lives better.

New satellites are shot into the sky, cellular networks operators race against each other to provide higher bandwidths, the industries build smart cars, smart tools, smart gear, smart clothes, smart homes, smart cities, smart everything...

"The digital transformation does not only affect the Information Technology sector and its affiliates anymore,
it is touching every single facet of our lives! "

Christos Omiridis

TelcoVillage has many applications for IoT to offer

IoT for Mobile Operators (MNO/MVNO)

Helping Mobile Network Operators to enrich their Networks with Application Programmable Interfaces to embark IoT applications to their networks.

IoT for Manufacturers of Smart Devices

Providing embedded wireless global connectivity to smart devices and make them accessible and controllable by Cloud applications.

IoT for Banks and Payment solutions

Helping Banks, Payment Providers and Point of Sale Solutions to increase the level of security and to actively prevent Fraud by using TelcoVillage's Mobile Scoring (mScore) rating before every transaction.

IoT for the Automotive Industry

Providing embedded high-speed cellular global connectivity to the automotive industry and connecting vehicles to Cloud applications.

IoT for the Insurance Industry

Helping Insurance companies to protect their insured objects with GEO-Fences and locating them even without GPS coverage, indoors, by using TelcoVillage's 3-Dimensional (X-Y-Z-Axis) locating solution.

And in the case of vehicles, also helping Insurances to better calculate their risk by providing analytics of the driving behaviours.

IoT for the Logistics Industry

Helping the logistics industry to optimise their processes by visualising the path of every individual package at any time anywhere and not only at check points.

IoT for Airlines

Helping Airlines to increase their customers experience before, during and beyond the actual flight, by providing smart connectivity.
TelcoVillage can also help to increase profit margins and save on communications costs for Crew, Content Delivery and Logistics.

IoT for eHealth

Assisting hospitals and medical doctors to improve the quality of the daily life of their patients e.g. Alzheimer patients that would now be able to move around independently without getting lost. TelcoVillage can also help health insurance companies to optimise costs structures e.g. by measuring health functions remotely and providing these securely to doctors in real time, enabling them to act fast, preventing the worst.

Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities

TelcoVillage can empower the industrial revolution for the digital transformation of the Industry 4.0 by providing vendor agnostic and network independent, economical cloud connectivity for sensors, switches, cameras etc. In can also help Cities to transform to smart cities to e.g. optimise traffic flows and to increase safety.


Bring Your Own Ideas (BYOI)

With TelcoVillage's know-how, global high speed cellular and WiFi connectivity and our powerful APIs, we can bring your own Ideas to Life. Together !