Make your Mobile Network ready for the INTERNET OF THINGS

Making a mobile network ready to host the INTERNET OF THINGS EVERYTHING (IoE) is not just an update in technology, furthermore it is the successful combination of responsive scalability, programable accessibility and seamless global reach :

Scalable Virtual Mobile Core

Besides the virtualised EPC and IMS core for VoLTE and VoWiFi, and as the majority of today's subscribers still reside on 2G/3G networks, TelcoVillage virtualises both, 4G/LTE and also 2G/3G Mobile Core Networks, making them responsively dynamically scalable.

Powerful API for IoT

TelcoVillage's real-time API (Application Programmable Interface) empowers the mobile networks to interact with smart applications and services in real-time, making that mobile networks ready for Internet Of Things (IoT) and Internet of Everything (IoE) applications.

Global Cellular & WiFi Connectivity

TelcoVillage's Roaming as a Service with Local Pricing for Cellular Connectivity in 160 Countries.
TelcoVillage's unlimited data at over 20mio WiFi hotspots including 94% of World's top 100 Airports, 87.500 Hotels, 800 Trains and 2.800 Airplanes.

“Simply providing a SIM Card to connect smart devices to the Internet is just not enough.

Network Operators will need to provide powerful APIs that support innovative cloud services,
offer economical global cellular & WiFi coverage beyond the boarders of their own network and
operate a dynamically scalable core network that can host the millions to billions new smart devices.”

Christos Omiridis

What are the benefits of TelcoVillage's Mobile Core Virtualization?

TelcoVillage's solution provides the combination of responsive scalability, programable accessibility and seamless global reach:

  • Highly Scalable Virtual Mobile Core
    • Geo-Redundant, Multi-Tenant, Multi-MVNO
    • 4G/LTE EPC • IMS / VoLTE / VoWiFi
    • 2G/3G Circuit Switched and SIP/SMPP enabled

  • API for Real-time Interaction to Services and Applications for the
    • Internet of Things
    • Internet of Everything

  • Global Connectivity
    • Cellular Roaming at Local Pricing in 160 countries
    • Unlimited Data at over 20 million WiFi Hotspots in 100+ countries

Can TDM Legacy 2G/3G Networks be Virtualized?

Yes, TelcoVillage's Mobile Core Network Virtualization consists of the

  • Mobile Switching Centre (MSC)
    • with ISUP and SIP support
    • with TDM/VoIP Conversion

  • Home Location Register (HLR)
    • with Multi-IMSI support
    • with Multi-MVNO support

  • Authentication Centre (AuC)

  • Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN)

  • Short Messaging Service Centre (SMSC)
    • with SS7 support
    • with SMPP support